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From the Heart is my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer—perhaps my blog will spark excitement in your life, as well. So, sit back, relax and read on.

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I’m so glad you’ve arrived. is where I share with you what interests me most, sparking your excitement so that you can nurture your own passions and projects. I hope you enjoy my site and all of the unique content I create. We all need something to motivate us. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what exhilarates you. Are you ready to be inspired?

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Sing this song,

"Let There Be Trump"

It follows the 1977 AC/DC tune,

Let There Be Rock

In the beginning back in two-thousand fifteen

Trump didn't know 'bout the Deep State show

and all in between

The Blue states had a Clinton

The Red states had a Bush

No one knew what thy was gonna do

But the Trumpster yelled fake news, he said

Let there be MAGA, and there was MAGA

Let there be Rallies, and there was rallies

Let there be tax cuts, there was cuts

Let there be walls, there was walls


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