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Let There Be Trump

When President Trump won the election of 2016, I thought, "What? How'd he do that?"

I remember the negative news that travelled with Donald Trump. Remember the grabbing audio from Billy Bush?

I did, and I thought, "How'd that guy win?"

Yet he did and Hillary Clinton showed class as she delivered her concession speech. When I went to work, my colleagues in education despised his holding office. It became a regular daily chat with my fellow educators to 'dis' the President. When Trump fired Comey it was an action mocked with the phrase from the TV show, The Apprentice, "You're Fired!"

By June 2017, we were preparing for summer vacation, when the shooting assault occurred at an Alexandria, Virginia baseball park, I felt things were going to a dark place reminiscent of the George Wallace shooting that happened when I was in elementary school.

But for me, I wasn't a politico or an advocate or even a participant. I didn't even vote in 2016 because it wasn't important.

It wasn't until 2020 that my attitude changed.

It wasn't because of Covid or Dr. Fauci or the masks.

In the summer of 2020, I remember telling a friend, "I think I'm warming up to Trump."

Why? It was the stance on trade with China that got my attention. He spoke eloquently about the need to have a fair deal with China. He reminded us of the imbalance in trade between the two countries. I was in Washington D.C. on the Fourth of July 2020. The air show was a tremendous visual representation of the mighty US of A. My one year old son marveled at the wings flying overhead.

TRUMP LOVE was born for me out of noticing that this President felt real about his love of Country, despite the bone spur slurs reported against Trump that kept him from a Vietnam draft. He supported the military even though he only attended a military boarding school. And I would imagine having attended religious colleges, that a military school would have a lot of rules and regulations that if one didn't comply with then they would have failed to graduate. But he did graduate from that military boarding school.


I wanted him to win in 2020. I thought of advertisements to boost his appeal. One ad I wrote was titled Builder or Biden ?

I imagined three and four year old children at a playground. They dig in the sand with tiny shovels and fill toy dump trucks with sand and gravel. Children, of course, are natural builders while they are at play. I have one kid ask another kid, "Wanna play builder?"

Kids choose a builder over a Biden. They like making and seeing their work on display. "Look at this tower!," they say. Then, the ad I'd envisioned cut to a boy asking, "Who wants to play Biden?" At that moment all the kids run and hid under the sliding board or the merry go round.

The tag line stated, "The Builder builds while the Biden's hidin'."

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